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Did you know our teams are made up of volunteers? Yes, that applies to all members of our teams!


We are...

Parents of actors in the program, alumni of ECT - parents or actors, local community theatre supporters, performing arts educators and working professionals that still take the stage.

From officers in business to academic educators of all grade levels, and small business owners... ECT is a collaboration between many talents.

Board of Directors

Vice President



Janette Thibeault
Karen Guzman

Aly Fleischer
Norma Kozaka
Diane Burns
At Large Members
Maryanne Fundinger
Bev Cuthbert
Jess Doherty
Suzanne Paone
Nellie Brennan Hall
Sean Reardon
Erin McNeil
Tracy Mason

Board of Directors meet monthly.

Meetings are open to interested parties.

If you are interested in joining either our Board Members or Creative Team,

 more information can be found here.

Production Team
Artistic Director

Creative Director

Music Director

Stage Manager



Liana Gorman
Alisa Cassola
Sandra Eddy

Aly Fleischer
Julie Bellini
Cyndi Llanos
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