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Easton Collaborative Theatre strives to provide young people of Easton and the surrounding communities the opportunity to perform on stage.

We are dedicated to enriching the lives of young people through the performance of live theater.


Delicate Fabric
Kindness &
Delicate Fabric

All are welcome in our space and everyone should be made to feel welcome by every member of our community.


We are a proud collection of people and celebrate each member’s uniqueness and contribution.


At no time should any member make another feel unwelcome or incompetent. Instead, please put the effort into making it your mission to lift someone and make them feel special. Remember A REAL queen fixes another queen’s crown!

Delicate Fabric
Opportunity for All
Delicate Fabric

We are proud to offer several opportunities to participate, from acting and leadership roles to sets and production help. Keep in mind that we are an entry level theater program. We know all of your children are special and can do phenomenal things.


Although we work hard to choose shows that offer opportunities for all actors to have roles, it is inevitable that some shows will have more speaking or highlighted roles than others. It is important that we offer everyone a chance, and expect that every member learn how to gracefully accept, and full-heartedly commit, to their role for each show.

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