Easton Collaborative Theatre

Easton Collaborative Theatre was established in 2019 as the successor to the award winning Easton Children's Theatre. Our mission is to continue the tradition of providing young people of Easton and the surrounding communities the opportunity to perform on stage. 

Easton Collaborative Theatre is dedicated to enriching the lives of young people through the performance of live theater.. Performances are held at Easton Middle School several times throughout the year.

ECT Easton Collaborative Logo
Our Team

Easton Collaborative Theatre Board of Directors

Co-Presidents: Lisa Galas and Sara Cresswell

Secretary: Janette Thibeault
Diane Burns
Board Members: Jena Root, Walter Galas, Gene Dhooge, Norma Kozaka

Production Team

Director: Liana Gorman
Stage Manager: Aly Wilmes
Production Staff: